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An EFT Formula for Specific Trauma – Part 1
General tips for working with a specific traumatic event

An EFT Formula for Specific Trauma – Part 2
More specific tips for working with a specific traumatic event

Brown Snake and Me
Releasing trauma from being in a swimming pool with brown snake – Yikes!

Constricted Breathing Technique
To slow and deepen breathing, or when you don’t know what else to do

Eating or Drinking Less with EFT
If you want to reduce what you eat or drink – not for addictions

Finding My Dream Home – Dream Home Finding Me
Releasing fears and doubts of not getting something important

Freeing the critical mind into self acceptance
Ah – judging mind can affect every single area of our life – immensely.

If a client starts shaking
Using EFT with the breath

If You Are In Fear Your Horse Knows It
Releasing Fearful Behaviour From A Horse and Rider

Inner Dialogues with EFT – Healing Your Relationship with your Body
Create a new relationship with your precious body – it’s important

Maggie’s Decision Destroyer
How to easily make decisions you are not sure of

Meditation and EFT
Loving Kindness Meditation is easier and faster with EFT

No Water Equals Many Migraines
Inability to drink water because of trauma left client sick with migraines

Releasing Grief
Therese’s amazing session moving from general to specific grief

Studies Made Easier with EFT
Carol’s experience with using EFT to immensely improve study results

The Alternative Knee Replacement
My journey from illness to health – NO operation please

The Fine Art of Appearing to do nothing
For those who have to be busy busy busy

The Missing Migraine
Recalcitrant client who thought she had to keep part of her migraine

Unresolved Grief Practice
A twice a year practice to release accumulated grief

Using EFT to Raise Levels of Minerals, Amino Acids and Vitamins in the Body
Changing the body’s physiology with EFT – yes, EFT can and does

Using a Photograph to Obtain Greater Tapping Results
When there are too many facets to count, maybe a picture will do

Why Bother Syndrome
It hasn’t changed no matter what and we give up – do this instead

Working with the Emotions within Pain
Three ways to work with emotions – and the body might just shift too

Zach’s Fear of Dogs
Tapping on a parent and surrogate tapping for a child

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