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Have you ever considered that the discomfort you feel in your body might be an important message and that IF you could understand what the body is attempting to tell you, there may be a tremendous healing in that?

Typically when the body presents an issue (such as pain), we tend to isolate it and blame it rather than give it our whole hearted nurturing and care. When we release blame and judgment and reassure whatever part of us has the issue, whether it is the whole body, part of the body, or our inner child, I believe that is when the body’s natural healing ability can truly be the most powerful it can be. Adversely I feel that when we are in blame and judgment of our body or our inner child, the body’s natural healing abilities may be cut off or at least slowed down.

What if the body is meant to be an amazing diagnostic tool, one that we were simply not taught to understand or listen to?

Most of us were taught that no matter what we do, our body is supposed to work perfectly. We are taught that no matter how we might abuse the body with food, liquor, drugs (including legal drugs), exhaustion, hating a part of our life but “hanging in there” regardless, the body should work perfectly.

This audio download will show you how 6 people have used Inner Dialogues to create the beginning of a new relationship with their body. A relationship in which the body is consulted as to what it needs to heal.

The concept is to make friends – create a new and trusting relationship – with whatever part of you is presenting an issue. When there is trust and healthy decisions that include both you AND your body, it can enhance good health and a good life in many ways.

Inner Dialogues use Continual tapping (a variation of EFT using the Short Cut Method) while talking to the body – and listening for its answers – to gain important information on what the body needs from you.

I do not do Inner Dialogues with all of my clients, however, when it is appropriate it can be quite revealing as well as healing.

Please note that I am not a doctor and this is not meant to diagnose or treat the body in any way. If you have a problem with your body, please consult a qualified medical expert.

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