Finding my dream home…dream home finding me

This is a story about finding my dream home. I do not believe I would have found it if I had not combined the Law of Attraction, many rounds of EFT, and a friendly Universe that listened to all of the above and responded in like energy. Actually it may be more of a story about my dream home finding me, once my vibration shifted to a resonance where it could find me. My intention is that this little story will assist you in seeing even more ways to use EFT in order to receive YOUR greatest joy. Read on!   ~  Maggie

When I left Adelaide South Australia, I had no idea where I would be living, except it was somewhere near Port Macquarie. I have a lot of trust and could feel that. I also had some doubts as when one friend said, "Are you crazy? You're moving 2000 kilometres away with no place to go – and you have The Cat?" I knew I was doing the right thing, but there was a tiny bit of doubt also. I could feel it in my belly, hanging around just waiting for a chance to show itself.

I moved just before the international EFT conference that I organized in Coffs Harbour– EFT Extravaganza.  So on the way to Extrav, I spent 4 days in Port Macquarie on the beautiful Hastings River doing initial explorations into areas where I might live. I went to various real estate offices, looking for places with acreage and had to remember it is NOT much fun to attempt to find a rental home. The Property Managers I worked with – well, one young woman actually showed me a place with an outdoor dunny. Tap tap tap...oh my.

I decided I had to DO something so, I put an ad in all 3 Port Macquarie newspapers and arranged for them to be in the newspapers when I got back to Port Macquarie.

After soaking up innovative, advanced EFT from the other EFT Masters and being with so many like-hearted folks at Extrav, it seemed silly NOT to do EFT to find my dream home. So, while driving back to Port Macquarie, I tapped almost the whole way, using Lindsay Kenny's "other reversals." If there was a negative lurking around that might stop me from being in my dream home – and I had already seen that doubt hiding around the corner - I wanted to knock it out of the way NOW.

I tapped saying:

"Even though I don't deserve my dream home, I accept and honour where I'm at.”

While tapping, I was watching for body sensations and listening to my inner voice.

Yes, I tapped on the negative because THAT is what I wanted to release. I did this off and on all day until finally something in me welled up and roared, "I DO DESERVE my dream home." It was loud and it was wonderful. That is what I had been waiting for. Enough negative blockage had been released to allow the part of me that knows I deserve my dream home to come roaring in and claim itself  out loud in the physical world.  It felt great.

I got back to Port Macquarie Thursday. By Friday morning – 13 November and my lucky day – I had little notices printed up to put on bulletin boards and give to anyone who would take one. "Mature woman and very clean cat desire home..." etc.

My job at that point was to find my dream home. So I set out with my notices and began my actual search. I was driving in a country area I liked and stopped to chat with a few men on the side of the road. One was an older fellow in the pre-requisite fluorescent yellow shirt and shorts and we chatted a while. He asked for my phone number because he remembered a rental on 13 acres and he didn't have the Sydney owner's phone number with him. I gave him my number, he actually called me later that day, and the owner offered to show me the property the next morning.

The property was lovely, however it was too small so I made my excuses and he then said, "I've got a really nice place in town on 8 acres but it's a lot more rent." It was like my body snapped to attention. He wanted more rent money than I cared to pay, however a part of me knew I had to see this place.

I told him that what he wanted was more than I wanted to pay, but... I said, "I don't know why, it just feels important for me to see it." He gave me the address.

Please notice I did NOT say, I can't afford it. That is a lousy message to give to the Universe. What I said was that it was more rent than I want to pay and that was the truth and it did not mean I did not have more money.  

He told me the story of the last tenant and property manager costing him a good deal of money in repairs and it was still vacant after all the repair work.

As I drove up the long driveway through the native grass and trees, I was astounded . He told me it was gorgeous, but it was GORGEOUS. It truly looked like my dream home. To think I might be able to live here. To think that it even existed on the rental market!! My mind just wouldn't stop. “How could I make this my home?”

The house is nestled into a gentle hill, back from the road with many tall trees. It had a big, front porch overlooking the land.  It looked wonderful. I slowly walked around the house, looking in windows and more in awe every minute. I definitely could see myself living there. Salt water pool in the back, garage, carport, high ceilings with flower motifs imprinted in each room, several chandeliers, a glass room overlooking pool and gardens. No doubt about it, this place qualified as my dream home. My being said "Yes, Yes, Yes!"

Because of all the tapping I had already done, my mind was in "How do I get this?" gear rather than any negatives. The questions wouldn't stop: "If I don't go after it, how will I know if I could have had it?" "But how do I go after it?" "Well, first of all, call the owner and see if he will show it to me."

I started tapping again just to see what my body would do. "Even though I don't deserve my dream home" – and before I could even say I deeply and completely accept myself, my body answered with, "Yes you do. You deserve your dream home. Go for it!" I could literally feel excitement humming through my body.

I called the owner and asked if he would show it to me. Said again – "I don't know why because it is more rent than I'm comfortable with, but I think you need a tenant and caretaker, not just a tenant. The property needs special care and that means a special tenant to take that care." He agreed to show it to me and two hours later I was wandering around inside the house.

It was obvious that whoever moved the original 100 year old home from alongside the Hastings River had done so with great love. The renovations and additions were perfect.

I told him I wanted to live there but was concerned about the amount of work and the rent and he told me to give him a proposal. Hearing that was like music to my ears. It opened the door to the possibility of my actually living there.

Over the next two days I figured out what it would take energetically to be there and what I wanted to pay. I gave him a 7 page proposal on Monday at noon and by Tuesday afternoon he had accepted it.

I kept to what I wanted to pay and gave him short and long term benefits to my being his tenant. The property managers were not a part of my vision and I suggested he fire them, which he did.

He said he and his wife thought about countering with more rent, but anyone who could put together such a detailed proposal, they wanted as a tenant. Whew!

Between the time I sent him the proposal and a day later when they accepted it, I did more tapping. And it was more than 3 rounds, everyone. I just tapped and tapped. Persistence pays off. This time I did continual tapping while saying:

"IF it is to my highest benefit, my greatest joy and nurturance to live in this home, let me have it. If it is not all those things, don't let me have it for there must be a better place for me out there."

I already had a great deal of trust and this tapping helped create even more – I was peaceful and sure that whatever happened was for the best. I'm thinking this is the best climate for being able to receive our heart's desires. Makes sense, doesn't it?

It was a full day between when I emailed him my proposal and when they accepted it, so I kept driving around looking at other places, and I kept tapping. Sitting back and waiting would not have been doing my best job for me so I kept the energy going.

Tuesday afternoon with no money or lease exchanging hands, my new landlord told me I could pick up the keys from the soon to be ex-property managers, meet with the carpet cleaners and the regular cleaners AND I could move in when I needed to, on Friday.

Dear friends, this IS Law of Attraction in action.

Next step was finding a mover to move me in 3 days. Everyone I called was booked for a week or so. Kept calling and finally found a mover who could move me on Friday at noon. He was a bit stunned to get my call as they had JUST had a cancellation for Friday and that's the spot I got. You could say amazing, however remember I tapped. I DESERVED for the move to be easy and in my timing.

So, just one week after I started looking, I was in my dream home.

I wrote this story in October, 2009, and lived in that house for almost two years before moving to the country.  And it was my dream home. It was just 10 minutes to hear jazz in town.  I could dive in the pool in the afternoon and enjoy a natural, nurturing environment yet be close to town so I could explore my new home.  The koalas and kangaroos kept me and The Cat company almost daily.

I have shared this with you because I know it can help to hear how someone else has manifested their dream. If you don't think you deserve whatever it is you want, you will most probably sabotage it in some way. You can easily tell if you don't think you deserve whatever you want because if you don't believe you deserve it, you probably don't have it yet!!

Keep Tapping!!


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