Maggie’s Decision Destroyer
Difficult Decisions Made Easy with EFT

I have long believed that the body is meant to be a wonderful diagnostic tool. When we tune in, it can tell us what is right or wrong for us. It can tell us whether we’re in integrity and acting for our highest good – or not.

Yet so many of us isolate ourselves from our body because it is too painful or we just don’t know how to connect. We have lost the fine art of listening to our bodies and many things in life would be much easier if we could reconnect and learn how to hear what our bodies have to tell us.

Doing EFT when we need to make a tough decision is an easy way to begin to reconnect and hear what our bodies have to tell us. And it’s easy!

Let’s pretend you are going to sell your house and you are not sure which estate agent is best for the job.

Using EFT in this way works with positive affirmations while tapping – one affirmation at each tapping point starting with the karate chop point, then top of head, eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, under lips, collarbone, under arm and wrist point. Tap 7-10 times at each point.

For this exercise, do one round for each of the possible choices, stopping at the end of each round to close your eyes and determine how your body feels.

  • Did your stomach do flip flops?
  • Do you feel better about one person or choice?
  • Do you feel calmer or more content?
  • Do you have nausea or any kind of anxiety?

If you get nothing, do another round and continue doing rounds until you receive some kind of information or feeling from your body.

Let’s look at this in more detail. Using the example of selling your house, let’s say you are deciding between 3 different estate agents: Rebecca, Darrell and Rodney.

In no particular order, choose one to start with – we’ll start with Rebecca - and do a complete round of EFT using terminology similar to the following at each tapping point.

Rebecca is the perfect estate agent for us. She gets a fast sale, a great price, and all goes well.

Please notice that the above affirmation is positive and does not start with “Even though” and does not end with “I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Now close your eyes and check in with your body. You may have strong feelings in your mind or body already. If your belly is turning or you have a negative feeling in your body, you can cross Rebecca off your list right now. If it’s not so clear, you might want to make a few notes on how you feel about Rebecca representing you now that you’ve done a round of tapping.

Next do the same for another agent.

Darrell is the perfect estate agent for us. He gets a fast sale, a great price and all goes well.

Again, close your eyes and check in with your body. You may already know Darrell is or isn’t the one you will choose.

Do the final round of tapping on Rodney.

Rodney is the perfect estate agent for us. He gets a fast sale, a great price and all goes well.

If this were a real exercise, you would most probably know who you want to deal with already. EFT gets us out of the mind and into the body so that you have more information about what is best for you on a feeling level.

If you are still not sure, you might want to change the affirmation to one that has more clarity or specifics. If that first round identified new aspects of importance to you within this decision, you can do more rounds on whatever has come up for you.

Keep going until you are clear about your decision.

It is easy to do this technique. Just write down your choices and do a round of tapping on each one. You can do this on any decision – which restaurant to choose for a special occasion, which personal assistant to hire, which location to visit on holiday, which name to name your new business – any decision that you’re not quite sure about.

Difficult decisions readily become much easier with Maggie’s Decision Destroyer. If you have questions about using EFT in this way, please know that I’m happy to answer your questions by phone or email.

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