Zach’s fear of dogs

This was in Gary Craig’s newsletter on January 11, 2003. Gary wrote: Here is an example of working with children from Maggie Adkins.

Please note this article includes the use of surrogate tapping.  Read on!

Zachary was five years old and had an experience with a dog where he was almost bitten. From that day onward, he became more and more afraid of dogs.

Just before I met him, he had seen a dog and jumped off his bike and ran across the road without looking to see if a car was coming. His mother was afraid that he would get hurt because of his fear of dogs.

I spent about ten minutes with Zach who couldn't even think about a dog-- at least he said he couldn't. I tapped on him anyway as I was talking to him. Then he went outside to play. We needed to prove to him that there was not a dog in the fenced yard first.

I then worked with his mother regarding her fears for her son for about fifteen minutes and they left.

After they left, I did two rounds of surrogate EFT pretending I was Zach.

I said,
"Even though I have this fear of dogs, I totally and completely accept myself."

GC COMMENT: An interesting use of surrogate tapping.

If you would like to discuss how to set up doing surrogate tapping, please call or email me.  It is important to engage the other person’s energy and also to cut from it afterwards.

When I do the Intensity Meter on Zach, I guess at what it would be.

I asked Zach's mother to test the work and they did that later in the day. Zach was not afraid of dogs later that day and hasn't had any fear of dogs since. Mom also reported that she didn't worry about Zach anymore.

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