No water equals many migraines

Jeanette came to me under duress. She had tried many ways to relieve her migraines and nothing had worked. Drugs had not worked. Alternative techniques had not worked. And she was sure this silly tapping would not work.

She did not come to me as a willing client. She had horses near my home and I would see her attempting to feed or work with the horses and she would be holding her head or she wouldn’t show up for three days and her husband would say, “Can’t get out of bed. She has one of those migraines. Three days now.”

One day I told her I was not going to give up until she at least tried EFT. She came into the house and we did EFT.

I want to note here that while EFT will relieve symptoms well, I always want to do EFT for the foundation trauma, go to the source of the problem so that the symptoms do NOT have to come back.

When you do EFT simply for the symptoms, they can come back. This little story is really about asking gently probing questions to discover patterns that show the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Jeanette could remember migraines that went back to her childhood. I asked if something happened that was stressful, harmful, scared her up to six months before the migraines started.

This is what she told me.

The family was on a picnic about two hours drive from her home. She had been off playing on her own when she heard shouting and realized that the rest of the family were ready to leave. She ran back to the car and her father was furious. They had been looking for her for a half hour, he was drunk and wanted to go home and she was, as she said, “In Trouble!” She asked if she could get a drink of water before they left and her father commanded her into the car. She felt light headed and dizzy and knew that she needed water. It was very hot in the car and the whole way home she felt scared and thirsty and light headed. When they got home, she was first in the back door. She immediately climbed up on a chair so she could reach the big laundry sink and was having a huge gulpful of water when her father came roaring through the door. He swung his arm back and hit her so hard she flew off the chair onto the floor as he screamed, “We don’t drink water like that in this house.”

Jeanette remembered his exact words.

“That’s when they began,” Jeanette explained. Not only is that when the migraines started, every time she would have a drink of water, she would get nauseous and/or be unable to swallow.

Jeanette was 45 years old when we did the EFT. Almost her whole life had been spent with her attempting to drink water as often as she dared, her body then rebelling and she continually had these horrible long-lasting migraines.

She had not connected the lack of water with the migraines. That was something that came intuitively to me.

We did EFT with Continual Tapping with her telling the picnic story. This is often how EFT is done with PTS (Post Traumatic Stress). Over and over she told the story of the picnic, her father, her flying off the chair and landing on the hard concrete floor.

After several rounds of telling the story, it finally came down to a zero.

Continual Tapping is done by tapping through all the points, 7-10 times at each point, while telling a story that is a specific trauma. You simply keep going round and round tapping on all the points each round until you finish the story.

Using EFT in this way, you check the intensity meter before telling the story and after telling the story. IF the intensity has gone up, EFT is telling you that there is something more important that probably happened earlier in your life. If it goes down in intensity, you are working on a specific trauma that is a core issue of some kind.

I do not normally use Continual Tapping.That is very important. Traditional EFT, which starts with the “Even though………” phrase is what I use when it is not a specific trauma, and that is fairly often.

After Jeanette’s intensity meter was at a zero, I asked her if she would try a glass of water. She was afraid to drink a whole glass. I asked her how soon she would know if her body was still in trauma over water and she said, “Right away.”

We tapped on her fear of still not being able to drink water and of her body in pain using traditional EFT.

“Even though I am scared I still won’t be able to drink water, that my body won’t know this trauma is healed, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

The above is two aspects of the same issue so I put them together in one EFT phrase. After a few rounds, she drank the water with no problem.

Several days after we did the tapping, she reported that her body would tell her it is thirsty and she could drink as much as she wanted. That was several years ago now and the migraines are no more.

Gone. Fini.

I just love EFT.

Compliments of
Maggie Adkins, EFT Founding Master

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