Studies made easier with EFT

This article is written by Carol Hood, a seasoned EFT Practitioner.

Note from Maggie: EFT can only be used as a study aid as outlined in this article if the person studying is so used to tapping, it is not a distraction. It is important for the person studying to be able to focus on what is being studied instead of having to remember where each point is or how many times to tap.  Both Carol and I have done EFT for such a long time, it is automatic behaviour.  Carol did this easily because she could concentrate on her studies while tapping.

When I was working with Maggie in an EFT supervision/mentoring session, I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed with trying to keep on top of all that was going on in my life.

I had just been through the week from hell, trying to fit in study for a part-time Uni course as well as coordinating end-of-semester student exams in my full-time job. During the week I'd already sat one exam for my Uni course, in between running student exams on four out of five weekdays, and I was exhausted.

My main concern was that it was now Friday evening and I had until Tuesday afternoon to study for an exam that I didn't feel I was prepared for. The exam was worth 50% and I wasn't sure I could get my head around all the information I needed to learn in time to get a good mark.

I really wanted to do well, but knew that I had neglected this subject a bit because I'd had to put so much effort into the other subject that I'd already sat the exam for. After discussing the situation with Maggie, she suggested I do continual tapping as I studied, as she had previously had great results herself using EFT for enhancing her ability to remember information.

I thought it was a great idea, so whenever I wasn't writing up notes, I would tap through the points as I studied. In fact I did so much tapping that I could hardly lift my arm and had to swap sides on several occasions.

I released heaps of emotional stuff over the time, as I noticed lots of sighs and yawns with the EFT. I felt much more optimistic about the exam on the day, and as I read through the exam paper I realised that I knew a lot of the answers.

It was totally worth all the effort, because when I got my uni results I found out that I got High Distinctions for both of my subjects."

Note from Maggie:  Thank you, Carol, for letting everyone know one more usage of EFT that most are not aware of.

Keep Tapping!


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