Disease Care System, not Health Care System

The emphasis on disease care rather than preventive health care could not be more apparent than in the current Coronavirus crises.

If we watch tv at all or turn on the radio, we are told hundreds of times a day to be in fear.

People are panic buying but are they buying things that can help them be healthier?  The media has reported panic buying of toilet paper, hand sanitizers, hand wipes and canned food.

In comparison, within the last few days, friends have forwarded several newsletters to me from doctors in the U.S.  These doctors are letting people know how to better stay safe from the virus .

Why aren’t the Australian media and government concentrating on  informing us how to improve our immune systems, which vitamins might best combat the virus, what foods and actions might help us be healthier?

Yes, there is a need for knowing the dangers of coronavirus, but the amount of fear mongering is staggering when you consider that information that could help us know what actions to actually take to stay safe are mostly missing.

Maggie Adkins, EFT Founding Master

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